You might be having all the good night's rest on your most comfortable duvet covers NZ but still, when you wake up, you still feel like you haven't sleep at all. Then, your day was ruined because you were grumpy into waking up of feeling like you did not have any sleep at all. We know that when we sleep enough, we would be able to survive the following day. It is never about how LONG we have slept, we are talking about of how WELL we have slept. If we sleep well enough, we might not need any “pick me up” thing in the morning. We always ask experts to help us find our way to a good night. However, what sleeping tip that might work for us might not work for others. So it still about finding the right routine for you. You have to try the possible key for your good night's sleep. Another thing is that your number of hours of sleep should equal what your body really needs. In this regard, sleeping 8 hours as the standard number of hours of sleep might not be advisable for everyone. So you have to find out on how long you must sleep so you would not feel weary. If you are also able to keep yourself a healthy diet, you are also helping yourself to get a good night's sleep. Make yourself also comfortable in your room. When you are comfortable, it is more likely that you would fell asleep faster.