We always uphold the solid plastering Gold Coast  that we know, and it goes with Rocksolid. However, we still need to learn many things about plastering. Plastering comes at different shapes. It maybe due to the surface that you will plaster or the desired finish effect that you want. We have different types of rendering and it is important to know each one as you may be considering buying a new home, either building or renovating your old house. One of the types of plastering is Plain Face Plaster in which we use sand that is fine grained with no need to sponge so the grains can be exposed. It is usually applied to the walls inside the rooms. Another type is the type of using Dholpur Stone which is called the stone Cladding on the external wall. If you want some plastering with a rough cast finish, then you must opt to choose the De Peter plaster so you can do whatever you want to put in your ornaments. And the most common type is the Sand Faced Plaster in which we use cement mortar for that. With many options to choose from, you can really have the freedom on how you can beautify either a new or old home.