When we constructed our home for the first time, it is normal to have many concerns and we even depend on BuildQual house inspections for reliable home inspections and make necessary improvements in our home.


We sometimes experience difficult problems at home that made cleaning it very challenging. In some cases, depending on the weather, our house may become dampen and can create moulds on our furniture and some appliances. This can cause the furniture in our homes and even some parts of our house to rot and lose its value by premature degradation. We know that once our home develop moulds and started to dampen, this is a big invitation to many kinds of pests, especially mites which can feed on moulds and can our furnitures and walls little by little until nothing decent is left. All we have to do is to take care of the condensation that is happening inside our home so that we would not waste our home away.


First of all, cleanliness is a first must. Even a simple wipe on our windows and some furniture every morning can do us much and can keep us from dampening our homes. Even some simple steps can get us further than we know.