When we grow old, the time comes when children of our peers also grows old too and start to ask for gifts but we have grown out giving NZ baby clothes to them. It is time for us to think of more reasonable gifts that would help them appreciate that they have persons like us that cares about them truly.


We know that giving gifts is more than just being generous but it is all about the value of the person to you. We know that when we care about that person so much, we will put more effort into finding the right gift for them. Then, when they feel that we have put much effort, they would feel that they are being appreciated and that someone indeed really cares about them. There are only a few people who would take the risk of putting themselves into much greater lengths just to satisfy the needs of the people they love.


Sometimes, it is not only need that they fill but also the wants that they have in life. We should not underestimate the things that we give to the people we love because they have the capability to make them happy. We know how precious gifts can be when it comes from people we love.